Delivering the right insights to the right people at the right time


Helping you deliver better care

Our philosophy is that caregiver experience and intuition is irreplaceable, but there are often factors which can limit their ability to deliver care in the way they would think is ideal.

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7/8 patients have been seen.

Assisting your decisions

If a patient cancels, traffic is heavy, or more time is needed to be spent with a patient, we will adapt and provide options aimed to strengthen decision-making ability.

Caseload Generation
March 9, 2024

Algorithmic Assessment

CommPAL considers periodical assessments, recent diagnosis, and even existing relationships with patients, which we believe are important to preserve.

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Intelligent Patient Triage

CommPAL assists decision-making, ensuring the right information is always available when required. Our algorithm is proven to save significant time in the development of patient triage lists.

Providing the correct resources at the right time

CommPAL leverages AI and ML technology to help where it is needed, and lets you focus on the rest. Our goal is to support decision making & resource management with the goal of delivering better quality care. We work alongside existing systems to complements each CNS unique approach to their day.

  • Easier access to information

    We believe CNS deliver the best level of care when they act independently, armed with as much useful & relevant information as possible.

  • Instantianeous caseload & caseload order

    Significant time is spent each developing a caseload and adapting to changing circumstances. We believe we can make this process much easier

  • Map routes suggestions

    Our app will accompany your day on the move, providing route recommendations based on your decisions.

  • High Integrity Data

    No matter how you decide to do your assessments, CommPAL will streamline the process and ensure robust, high quality data is always submitted.

  • Save time and headspace

    By reducing the time spent on tedious activities, we can allow better, more precise care & more satisfactory conditions for both careworker and patient.

  • Optional

    CommPAL aims to support decision making. Our recommendations are never binding - CNS will always make the final decision on what works best for them.

Meet the team

We are a multidisciplinary group of individuals who are passionate about digital healthcare.

  • Team member

    Prof. Ciara Heavin


  • Team member

    Brian Dillon

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Team member

    Nasser Loftivand

    Machine Learning Postdoctoral researcher

  • Team member

    Laura Lynch

    Project Manager / QMS

  • Team member

    Paul Hennessy

    Commercial Advisor

  • Team member

    Fiona Kiely




We have worked with diverse groups including academics, healthcare workers and palliative care patient advocates to better understand how specialist palliative care is delivered in a community setting. Our research reveals that the system is often hindered by the availability of limited resources, difficult workflows, and poor data.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about CommPAL, our journey, and how we might be able to assist your organisation in your journey towards delivering better quality care.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • In short, what does CommPAL do?

      In short, CommPAL is a web and mobile platform aimed at healthcare workers who are strained for time related to their daily travel, planning and resource management.

    • You mentioned research in the area of healthcare and route optimisation. Do you have any links?

      Glad you asked! Detailed info on our work so far will be added to this site soon.

    • What do we need to integrate CommPAL?

      CommPAL is FHIR compliant, so we uphold many standards needed for secure, seemlesss integration.

    • I am a CNS. Will CommPAL monitor my movements and action each day? I value my privacy.

      Absolutely not. CommPAL only stored data that is necessary for the app to function. Any further processing of data that we do will be completely anonymised - we publish this data in our Privacy Notice, updated regularly.

    • Will CNS see any patient data on the mobile application?

      No - we display the mimimum amount of patient data on our client. Only that which is necessary to complete a days caseload.

    • There are some features that we would love to see in CommPAL. Can we request them?

      During our integration phase, we spend time working clients to determine what features works best.